I'm a dosser who takes pictures of inane scenary thread


Nice, I meant to go up there a few weeks ago after Groove but I’d say I missed the turnoff and carried on to Greystones, think I saw where I should have went on the way back, it’s a great spot.


Could you see EIRE sign



No #sadface


Tough one, where am I?


Garnish Island.


Fair play to ya! Absolutely stunning day here in the West Cork riviera


Hats off to you pal.

You’ve given your flock a good summer of travels :clap:


Pilgrimage to Mecca.


Last hurrah week now, just having a pint in Ahikista now, Baltimore and Sherkin tomorrow


Are you in the Tin Pub mate? My mother’s (now deceased) Yank godfather has a house down that way that members of our family have stayed in over the years. Was down a few summers back


Did Kiely ride the hole off your cousin down there?



She wouldn’t have any bloodline to the man who owned the house, or even know who he was.


Ya, we called into the tin pub for a look, just around the bend from the Air India memorial, incredible amount of dead when you see all the names.


@KinvarasPassion 's fine farm in the distance …stocked with Galway finest


I know who owns that van, at least block out the reg


The evenings are gone mate. Mind yourself


I don’t think he cares


Jesus Flatty. I’m gone blind


Posting testicle pics should be a bannable offence