I'm giving up drink thread (whiny fanny thread)

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No you’re not. Sign out again please.

Not til later. I’m done.stick a fork in my ass and turn me over.

Here @flattythehurdler lovely picture of yourself and the missus out on the bike here.


Stop being a fanny @flattythehurdler

Signing in…

Fuckit. For one week only though

No need to be making rash decisions like that.
Have a rethink. It’s all about moderation anyway.

Soft as shit.

Hope he’s not driving in that state.

Off the beer three weeks today. Aside from saving money and maybe a few calories, I can honestly say ive felt very few benefits. Ok I’ve lost no days to hangovers which is a big plus, but all of the other benefits have eluded me. My sleep is still very erratic, my energy levels are the same as before, I can’t say my mood is any better and I’m bored outta my tree at the weekends.

Debating going back on it either this Saturday for the Waterford match, or next Friday at a work do

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Had the same experience for dry January. Probably lost a pound or two but other than that no benefits felt. The Saturday nights I was only looking for something to do

Moderation lads. A few drinks here and there in moderation will do noone any harm. The key is to not post on any topic you know nothing about while drinking. It’s only taken me 10 years but I’m almost there.


Nowhere near doing it sober yet

Keep the pubs closed lads. It’s pure poison

Few more :pint: tonight.

Ive a work zoom piss up tonight… Fuckin hell

Throw up the link and the password there like a good fellow.

The Micks need to pack in the booze. I’d ban all alcohol sales from Christmas Day.

Went on antibiotics today and it says no alcohol so I reckon I’ll get a good aul buzz with a few drinks at the weekend. Worked a treat for me Debs back in the day (a dozen pints of shitty hotel Carlsberg and a few antibiotics)

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