I'm on top of the world thread

Do a class on thursday mornings in baldoyle boxing club. A load of stuff on the bag and a load of fitness. Best session of the week, you’d be bolloxed after it. And you never know when @Funtime might sneak a punch round the bag or over your guard at you. New lads always welcome.


I’m fucking back lads! The mother and father of all weekends. Juhy junior is starting to get a grip on the hurling. The dog got spayed but is nearly back to herself and i got a heap of brownie points cos i was all over it. A few beers with 2 of my bros on saturday complete with all sorts of garden games. Chipping, lawn bowls type thing with golf balls, throwing a roll of masking tape over your opponents stick that is stuck in the ground. Then the local labour lad got in last night. Just found out my afternoons work today (cc @Spidey ) is the mother and father of all big G gigs. But mostly the young lad had his mini leagues. They take it very seriously. Everything we coach them all year goes out the window and they go hammer and tongs lumping into each other and playing it long etc. Savage stuff. His squad played with the strong lads from the year up. He turned into an old school centre forward. A cross between mickey quinn and didier drogba. Killing the ball dead from midair, using his arse like Mark Hughes, and creating a heap of goals. The highlight was a hatrick in a 3 all draw in the semi final before stick away 2 penos in the shootout. They won the final. He was floating all evening in a state of pure zen.