I'm Terry Wogan, and I'm for Shannon

It’s a great place to fly out of.


@Tassotti rte are showing a special on Terry right now.

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BBC did a great one a few weeks back

It’s the same one I’d say

Some utter cunts being interviewed here.

Very enjoyable program.
Terry woman was magnificent in fairness.

Best bit was Gerry Ryan’s question about the Sir in the heavy Dublin accent.

Or maybe it was Wogan’s listing of Geldof, Reilly and Smurfit as examples of great Irish people to take the Sir.

This was definitely the best bit.

he died before operation yewtree got to him

He done a lot for Limerick

He put Limerick on the map. Him and Dickie Harris.

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A tremendous ambassador for Ireland

He done an awful lot for Shannon

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his work for children in need?
the only presenter that charged a fee was him

Proof ?

Google it ffs, it’s common knowledge. He was also pals with Sir Jimmy Savile, it’s no wonder the BBC are naming buildings after him.