Imaginary Lat Syndrome Log Thread

I’ve noticed this serious condition has crept into the GAA in recent years - see pic below of a sufferer

Derek McGrath - and the Waterford panel as a whole, suffer from this horrible condition.

Poor Derek can be seen prowling up and down the side line, hat bobble shaking, and his arms extended out from his body in an awful fashion.

Can you please log all spots of imaginary lat syndrome here please.


waterford have a lot of funny shaped hurlers, noel connors, dillon, that fat lad they use as a battering ram Devine, as three examples.
un natural to be shaped like that and be as quick as they are and it may lead to question marks as to how they get into that shape.

They all suffer from this terrible condition - just watch them next day out - They have lads walking around and their arms are nearly fully extended out from their side - it’s a testament to them that they can still hurl while suffering from this condition.

whats wrong with dan shanahan, physically i mean not mentally. he is all over the place too with the arms and legs flailing like a primate

The Runt nailed this one when talking about the rugby gimps you see going around limerick:


@Fagan_ODowd, I’d take this as a compliment, they used to be directing this sort of stuff at Clare.

First off, why are you dragging Fagan into this? Second off, Waterford were just used as an example and are not sole sufferers of this condition… it’s rampant in the GAA.

I was addressing Fagan as he’s from Waterford and this thread had 5 posts, 4 of which referenced Waterford. Is it that hard to understand?


Yea, you better watch yourself pal. You’ve been warned.

A lot of us walk like that in Waterford. It’s the corner boy walk. Symptoms generally go hand in hand with a name like Frankie, Noelie, Chuckie, Jakie, Tadhgie, Lowesie, and so on. Thought to be caused by carrying large volumes of blaas back from the corner shop for the breakfast.

Sufferers are usually advised to wear a 3 jersey, tucked into a pair of boot cut wranglers over black slip on shoes. If that doesn’t work, there is actually no other known treatment.

It’s a desperate blight on the city. Some case studies.

This is a poor family that have just been diagnosed with the syndrome and been told that the above treatment is unlikely to work.

Here’s a fellow who is so badly afflicted that his arms won’t now go below his shoulders. This is known as the Shane O’Donnell/Podge Collins phase. To be fair to this chap he has applied to the Carriage Office for a licence so at least some good may come of it.

On the other hand this is just heartbreaking. This poor divil has reached the same stage but is only 5. Surgery will be the only option here or else he will have to be spoon fed for the rest of his life. How he stays in such high spirits is beyond me.



All valid spots. Well done, pal.

Mon lads, one more like for Fagan there and get him to 10 in record time.

different syndrome here but worth posting all the same


Judging by the left hand side of his ample frame, he urgently needs to see a specialist. The gate of his left foot looks way off, and his left hand is showing signs of the early onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Dan now wears his cap back to front. He is a quick learner

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