Important TFK Astro Supporters' News

League authorities will be monitoring weather and pitch conditions on a daily basis between now and Thursday.

We will make an announcement on this thread once we have definitive news as to whether the game is going ahead or not.

I would urge playing staff to retain their focus and prepare as if the game is on.

Thank you.

Players, management, staff, supporters, sponsors and other stakeholders - tomorrow evening’s scheduled top of the table clash against WTS is OFF due to the inclement weather conditions.

Will existing tickets be valid for the refixture?

I’d like to thank the groundstaff at TFK Astro Park who have been working around the clock trying to get the playing surface ready for tomorrow night’s game. However the safety of players and supporters remains of paramount importance and in the interests of everyone concerned it was better to make the decision today than wait until tomorrow when a convoy has already set out from the Railway Hotel.

As disappointing as this will be to all of the players and supporters it should give the groundskeeping staff at TFK astro park an extra week to repair the current problems with the underturf heating system.

Some areas of the pitch were extremely dangerous last week with many players losing their footing at key moments. At one point both myself and Jugs slipped on our holes at the very same time. Even the fleet footed player / manager found the conditions difficult at times

I’ve a couple of questions regarding the match programmes that were printed up:

  1. Will the paper be recycled?
  2. Will the paper be shredded?
  3. Will there the printing company be paid? Say for example Kevs company printed up these programmes, does he receive compensation if the programmes aren’t used?

I assume they will be reused the next day Dunph.

Is this fixture to be re-played? Sure the date will be wrong on the programmes and anyway the team selections may well have changed.

They can just replace the cover and middle-page then.
I’m sure Kev will have ever angle covered on this one.

Got the heads up this was looking dodgy, held back the print, so nothing wasted. we use digi, so its quite fast anyway, and had a generic programme ready for use in case it went ahead (at a discount as well). No big deal, 5 minutes work to adjust for next week.

We have a season squad in for teams anyway, and that never changes, easy enough to add a guy who may be signed during the season.

Obviously the fixture pile up later in the season won’t do us any favours but at least we have a good enough squad to be able to rotate and rest players.

However the one positive is that the postponement means we are virtually assured the title of Herbstmeister or “Winter Champions”.

Is it true you have been banned for 5 games for making monkey noises at opponents?

They also took away my tyre.

Tomorrow’s nights clash against Castleforbes Rovers has fallen victim to the big freeze. Tickets already sold will be valid for the refixture.