Inbred Tipp cunts

Could @carryharry and @Brimmer_Bradley do the whole forum a favour and keep their mundane postings in this thread and stay out of all the others.




Smashing post.

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@carryharry is generally ignored around here as he yaps away like the yapping dawg that he is. However tonight he annoyed me and I’ll not let it go easily.

There is only one thing for it. There’s going to have to be a challenge put forth between the two boys where the loser leaves town.

Or the two of them leave.

Didn’t you lay down an ultimatum to a moderator here before. That you’d leave if a poster didn’t stop calling you names or something like that, he duly ignored you and you came crawling back on your well worn and used snakes belly.
In short FOAD you big little child.

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Great thread. Tipp are box office
Up yer bollix @anon32894817

Carry on @carryharry & @Brimmer_Bradley

That never happened. You’re a disturbed individual.


Well I know you were very disturbed when the mods laughed at you over the incident.

No make believe funerals for @carryharry this weekend.

Swinging low now. Rattled badly, wanker.

Funerals for you must be a real family affair you inbred twat.

Jesus fucking wept, this is frightening shit to be reading, somebody needs to step away from the screen for a while

With the Love of god that clown never comes back.

That was aimed at you, dullard.

Post reported
Vile shit

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That’s bollox man grow the fuck up

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Stage 10 rattled. Serious chance they might have to play Kerry in a relegation playoff

Tipp lads are easily rattled Harry backed the wrong horse in punchestown and is still seething.