Injury Crisis

It was with utter devastation that i sat on the treatment table at my Physio this evening after being informed that i will be unable to line out for the astro team for up to a month. Such was the shock that the actual medical term passed me by but basically Jugs has torn the muscle the keeps his knee cap in place on his fearsome left leg. While initially i wallowed in my own self pity, reading last night’s match report again has given me the inspiration to begin my recovery in earnest in order to be fully fit for the crucial post independence day period.

Inspirational post Jugs. Looking at guys like Tinnion who don’t try a leg and Farmer who has priorities elsewhere it’s clear they have an awful lot to learn from you. One dreadful performance aside you’ve tried your heart out and I can’t wait for you to be back in the fold.

Injuries are always going to be part and parcel of a long and strenuous season - it’s hope we collectively cope with them that counts. I think there’s a feeling of belief and determination growing within the side and we’ll ensure we’re still in the thick of the title race when Jugs comes back.

However, with Jugs getting injured on international duty and Clarkey straining his hamstring during our game the other night after playing the day before also I wonder if management will have to reassess their policy on releasing players for these meaningless end of season friendlies.