Inside Info : Ireland A v Saxons

The England A Team spent four hours on a Heathrow runway last night, they were then put on a flight to DAP at 0700 this morning.

However the plane landed in Aldergrove.

They are not a happy bunch.

I suspect there might be an opportunity for some paddies regarding tonights betting on the game in Donnybrook.

Plane Landed in DAP to spent an hour on the runway 'cause there was no space on the Apron.

Then no steps available to disembark.

Some very cranky Brits.

I might take a wander out to Donnybrook. Just for the craic like.

anyone have the betting?

Ireland are 6/4. 10/11 (+4 points)

Just had some of Ireland, straight match betting. Regardless of travel difficulties its a strong irish side.

Boss is out.

he was only on the becnh anyways

Whos in Murphy?

[quote=“dancarter”]he was only on the becnh anyways

Whos in Murphy?[/quote]

Frank Murphy. ex munster, he’s in england now, think he is with leicester. ireland into 11/8 now

Frank is with Connacht since start of season.

Was with leicester, came back to Connacht last season…

Don’t pay much attention to connacht, sorry

Neither do people from Connacht unfortunately.

My Treble

Ireland A

about 5/1 with PP

England didnt fancy it. A joke it was called off just before the kickoff time.

Wahey! Congrats shan.

Looks like a pack of French youngsters have bigger balls then the English adults.

Fucking sickened, raced home to catch the second half of it only to find out it was called off…

Windy English cunts…

On another note, Donnybrook is still a shithole.