Instant Messaging

Anyone else remember when we used to have that on here :frowning:

Yes. Those were the golden days of TFK. A real loss to the forum.

Just go on facebook!!!

I don’t have an account and have no interest in setting one up

You are missing out.:lol:

I turned instant messaging off facebook as it can be quite annoying when you just want to check something for a minute.

wow, that is quite the rock and roll lifestyle you lead shan


You arer the one thats wants instant messaging back on here. It would bring the forum down probbably.



I mean in the sense it would crash the forum.

Bring back instant messaging. it is of vital importance during these Derby days.

Everybody be cool,YOU be cool…


One of these days… it’s outside my control at the moment. Waiting for a bit of functionality that’s about two months overdue. Checking every day for it though.


I’m sure Bandage could do up a little script to get it working.

Unfortunately Bandage’s days are full investigating the real identity of forum members.

And you’re too busy reading peoples pm’s.

A sporting chance of this going live on Sunday. Should be within the next 7 days anyway.


I’m having a very enjoyable instant messaging conversation about hurling with Appendage at present. It’s splendid to have this facility back. Splendid.

Agreed it’s great to have it back but i don’t have as much ‘my time’ now as i had…