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Limerick and Rio brothers in arms

That really is very interesting, tiny bit of France is surprising, long stretch of Cork is next stop Antarctica

The USA should be bigger?

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Na. The USA is a good bit lower latitude wise than Ireland

I’ll draw it out to you later on if I get a chance.

Interesting that the Russians have direct line of sight to Ireland also.

Russia line runs through the Arctic I’d say



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The Mercator map has distorted some peoples view of the world. @habanerocat is basically a flat earther.


I was gonna say @Batigol was.

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No I’m always right about matters of geography. US is way lower than Ireland. If you head west from Ireland you’ll hit somewhere on the Labrador Coast in Canada


So what stops loads of unvetted military ageds just flooding across?

Drawn from centre of Ireland, I wonder would it change much if drawn from the coastline.

I’d say Canada would feature more heavily maybe.

Who having made it to Canada would want to cross to the USA?


Boston is about the same latitude as france

They might have family or something there or want better weather. Does it come up as a big issue I wonder?

The whole border is guarded electronically by sensors, cameras and drones so the nearest border agents would know pretty much instantly if someone has crossed. So it’s a fallacy to say that it is unguarded. The remoteness of much of it is probably another deterrent. Are you going hiking for miles in bear and wolf country with all your worldly belongings and shit survival skills?

Then, if you are successful, you are miles from civilisation bar a few one horse towns where you’d probably stick out like a sore thumb. There aren’t many large cities near the border other than Detroit and Seattle.

That clarifies the issue very well for me

Mate of mine spent two weeks in a US jail after trying it.

As you said not as easy as it looks