Interesting Things Thread

Well summarized above but it’s definitely doable if you have the skills to survive for a few days hiking and then presumably you’d have somone to pick you up at the other side. Most of it is electronically survelilled. Here’s a… British… Family of cough international travellers who got caught out simply swerving to avoid a deer. Watch the footage from the US border Patrol.

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There’s a movie called ‘Frozen River’ where you guessed it, the drive over a frozen lake in winter.

Good movie all the same.

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That is interesting. Brazil is huge compared to Europe

You can fit Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Romania into Sudan, and that is excluding the newly formed South Sudan

The Mercator projection has a pure cunt made of things


Any chance of seeing it?


Do the Divisional teams in Cork and Kerry mess up the map?

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Thurles Sars can barely get out of Munster let alone win an all Ireland these days

Maybe in Cork’s case, some of it just the impact of geography - e.g., the concentration of successful clubs in urban areas, the absence of clubs in mountains.