International Womens Day

Today (well here, tomorrow for most of you) is International Wimmins Day. So lets be nice to them chaps, give them a nice pat on the bum and actually say thank you when they bring you the morning tae in work. Its the little things that count, post any further suggestions to make their day a bit special.

Fitzy, I hope you don’t mind be saying it, but this is a fucking stupid thread. Well it had potential, but your post is so awful its unlikely to get interest. No doubt now that I’ve said that, mickee is likely to chime in with how the Arab states are dealing with International Womens day.

go home and have a struggle snuggle

So you won’t be celebrating it then Mac?

The prestige of International Women’s Day took a terrible knock when that underachieving no mark Mary O’Rourke stuck her beak into it.

Happy international women’s day guys.

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You are up and about late this night.

Happy International Womens Day chaps and the odd female (s) who lurk here.
Mac never really quite got that one did he?

When is international men’s day? This is some horseshit

Haven’t we the Cheltenham Festival next week :wink:

We get the other 364 days.


November 19th

Its hard to believe this misogynist post was just 5 years ago.
You wouldn’t see the likes of @fisty speaking like this nowadays he is more likely to be seen about the place pouncing on posts like this for virtue signalling purposes
That’s the way it’s gone now.

It’s called ‘clipped’.


Have a great day @myboyblue, @TheUlteriorMotive and @Sicko

Thanks pal. Same to you and yours. Anything special planned?

It’s a day to run yourself a nice bath, with fizz bombs and scented candles.

Need to get an Instagram boomerang of the bath bomb too.

In English, please

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