Introduce a TFK member to our new AFR friends

Ill Start

Piles Hussain

Cynical naysayer that is most famous for being half brother of forum drunk Linke "the child killer " Walshe
Currently employed in the bacon factory in Callan and mainly works night shifts which explains his irregular posting times
Seen by many as the thinking mans Whiskey in the Jar and the poor mans HBV

feel free to add more


You forgot to mentioned he banged the latest munter to win Rose of Tralee


Bessier of fisty, sworn enemy of Rocko
Portrays himself as a football expert but has never attended a football game in his life
He is the poster that has been clamped more than anyone on TFK and if it wasnt for his hilarious interview anecdote his position would be untenable

did he? I wasnt aware of that

Dancing Baby

Shit eating Dubliner

Is wanted for questioning by the ispca in relation to spate of horse deaths

:o :lol:

Informative. :strokechin:

eh…Piles? I am meeting the great man Sunday and now the match will be edged into second place in the order of proceedings.
Incredible scones!!

FFS has the suggestion to merge the rugby world cup with the commonwealth games been forgotten already?

Educating Rocko on the away goals rule, being the first to rail against the British Lions, storming out only to be begged back - all counts for nothing

…and what do you think I was doing in Eastern Europe this summer. Getting pissed and sleazing after Polish women I suppose. Wanker

[quote=“KIB man, post: 715015”]

…and what do you think I was doing in Eastern Europe this summer. Getting pissed and sleazing after Polish women I suppose. Wanker[/quote]


another successful TASE venture :lol: :clap:


  • resident expert on all EPO related sports
  • enjoys attending boxing events
  • shamefully gerrymandered out of the June 12 Celeb spot adjudicator vote by Runt and his unholy Mulliance. Serious question marks remain over the validity of the result
  • may or may not have Turkish blood
  • is a close personal friend of Ryles Nugent
  • enjoys long walks by the sea

Formost authority on scrummaging and Ulster on the forum as well

:lol: :pint:

Wonderful Poster- Woeful Housemate
On paper an absolute arsehole as he has passion for military history,bogsports & are but isnt as much as a dick as you would think. Went missing from a forum after puke called him an uncle tom

I thought thats what most blokes did when in Eastern Europe in the summer? :strokechin:


Much loved poster but if I had to find any fault with him & this is nitpicking a bit its that he doesnt post enough

I eagerly await TASE’s next introduction

tase = the poor mans ncc