Introducing a Bengal cat to a new kitten

Wonderful :clap:

That big cat will kill the smaller fella yet, he’ll be sick to the teeth of him after a while.

yeah- I admire the owner optimism but if the big cats got a bit of bengal in him it doesnt bode well for the cute little kitten :frowning:

The bengal is running away from the kitten more often than not though. A very enjoyable 10 minutes.


the voice over is cracking - gives a real insight into the animal kingdom

Dungeon :rolleyes:

Yes, it was intriguing to see the initial hostility of the bengal, soften to acceptance and finally even to affection. The same stages take place after you slap a bird on the arse in Coppers, so there are parallels for us here too.

what the fuck is up your ass

This is the type of shit that one of the no marks off AFR would post up. Cop on to yourself you imbecile.

I am also sick of you hanging off the coattails of beloved poster thedancingbaby

what the fuck is this AFR shit that y’all keeping talking about

Hairy Japanese Bastards :shakefist:

The TASE that posts here now isn’t the TASE I bid an emotional farewell to last April.

It’s breaking my heart to see what that country is doing to you mate

very fuckin’ touchin’ pal

Cats are great

These lads are great craic when they get going.