Ireland politics (Part 2)

@Funtime I see a former colleague of ours is running in SoCoDu


Please don’t tell me @jugs went there?

She’ll have to go

As predicted by the wily political commentators on here and paddy Cosgrave the government have stage managed to make such a balls of the immigration issue in order to damage SF. Job done now pack up the tents

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I think paddy and you give the govt too much credit


Did Ciaran Cuffe just say on the debate ‘what if 3 counties of Ireland were taken over by an occupying state, what would we do’ :joy::joy:.

I’d need to know which counties.

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Not sure which ones he has liberated. Fucking Greens. Stick to the salads.


What Clare Daly supports is analogous to a united Ireland being voted for democratically, then 30 years later Britain re-invades and takes nine counties.

They can have cork and the biff cunts for free…

They already have Cork

Arlene has switched


Revenue raises concerns over rule change allowing people to sink up to €2m tax free into pension pots

Chilling. Kwasi Donohoe too busy writing book reviews and gazing at Strasbourg instead of keeping his eye on the ball.

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Mr Doherty said that under the measure, company directors can put more than €2 million into a pension in a single year without paying any tax on it, which could also be used to reduce a firm’s corporation tax bill in the process

Ah here!

Lads driving around the country in their Berlingos stocking vending machines and throwing €2m into their pensions. Madness.


There are 1000s of businesses in Ireland with millions in revenue.

You’d be fairly pissed off if you were a big wheel at the cracker factory and your tax adviser hadn’t flagged this with you.

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Let’s hear the fella out before we make up our minds on this one…


The greatest anti poverty, anti crime, anti hate weapon we have is a nice line in fairness and close to the truth. He was very lucky with the penalty though