Ireland v Denmark pre match songs






Shoes off for the boys in green
Shoes off for the boys in green
Shoes off for the boys in green
And repeat incessantly


Green socks for the boys in green
Green socks for the boys in green


Worried about your gait there, mate … look to leaning outwards with both feet - You might need a quality insole to counter this.


Is he not sitting down?


I’m looking at the way the shoes are worn/leaning to one side mate -


Thats a very inconclusive picture to make that sort of snap analysis.


Not to an expert on gait, mate. You’ll just have to trust me on this one - Brian is walking like he has an object up his hole.


Don’t talk about me when I’m still on the thread.




@Bandage Varadkar


Them shoes ain’t for orthotics .


Will you go home and change before the match @Bandage or will you go in the suit?


21st century Orthotics would slip in between the lips of a virgin and she wouldn’t even know.


I’m planning on stopping by the apartment for a quick change before making my way to The 51. But I deemed the socks crucial in case my lunchtime meander for pints results in me taking a different troute to the 51 and ultimately the match.


Would one stretch enough to wear as a hat should a very tight game mean that “the lads” need affirmation of your solidarity?