Ireland v Poland

Players who I’d like to see involved

  • Stephen Ward and Kevin Foley as fullbacks. Ward has potential for sure and we could do with more back up in the form of Foley.
  • Owen Garvan is due a game after having clocked up 100 appearances for Ipswich and seems to be a bit of hype about him. More offensive than defensive type though isn’t he?
  • Would also like to see Trap try Stephen Hunt in central midfield for a while though Andy Reid and Lee Carsley could be a useful combination. Whelan, Gibson and Miller too are unlikely to be dropped. Problem with all those players is they are a bit ordinary or have limitations.
  • Noel Hunt should have been in the squad a year back when he was in great form for Dundee United and is well overdue his place in the squad. Would like to see him get a run. Has good tenacity and good finisher. Won’t be intimidated.
    Anyone else who should figure who hasn’t been heavily involved thus far?

Ward needs more experience at full back I think - good to see Wolves trying to develop him there because he wasn’t going to be an international striker anyway. I’d pick Van Zanten ahead of him at this stage though.

Stephen Hunt would be a disaster in central midfield. We’re supposed to be a passing team under Trap.


Stephen Hunt would be a disaster in central midfield. QUOTE]

Agreed. He loses the ball too much to play in the centre.

I’d like to see Delap. Fuck it, give it a shot. Folan or Doyle would be great for a throw like that. Even one crucial late goal on the way to South Africa and it’d be worth it.

Foley definitely should start. There’s a chap from Wolverhampton on another forum who says he’s Wolves’ player of the season so far. My heart can’t handle McShane at right-back.

Chris McCann seems to be doing very very well at Burnley and John Joe O’Toole similarly at Watford.

Keith Andrews must merit a run, though I know he was dropped for a couple of games. He might take to international football well.

I like stephen hunt but not in central midfield.

my team

If Trapp doesnt trust Andy Reid enough in a friendly he may aswell give Carsley or Delap a chance. Carsley is a better player but always struggles in a 4-4-2. Delap is rubbish but cant be worse than Gibson. Be interesting if a bit depressing to see how the throw in get on.

Kevin Doyle has signed a new contract with Reading today. Pretty surprised by this as I thought he was a candidate to move in January. I suppose there’s still the possibility he will go and this contract ensures he’s well remunerated between now and then along with allowing the club to get a decent fee for him.

Squad announced:

Shay Given (Newcastle United)
Dean Kiely (West Brom)
Joe Murphy (Scunthorpe United)

Paul McShane (Hull City)
John O’Shea (Manchester United)
Richard Dunne (Manchester City)
Kevin Kilbane (Wigan Athletic)
Alex Bruce (Ipswich Town)
Damien Delaney (QPR)
Kevin Foley (Wolves)

Aiden McGeady (Glasgow Celtic)
Keith Andrews (Blackburn Rovers)
Darron Gibson (Manchester United)
Glenn Whelan (Stoke City)
Damien Duff (Newcastle United)
Stephen Hunt (Reading)
Liam Miller (Sunderland)
Andy Keogh (Wolves)

Robbie Keane (Liverpool)
Kevin Doyle (Reading)
Anthony Stokes (Sheffield United)
Caleb Folan (Hull City)
Shane Long (Reading)

Andews is in, Stokes and Folan are probably additional too are they not? No Andy Reid!

Also no Joey O’Brien. And no Garvan, O’Toole, McCarthy or any of those development potentials.

Oh and Noel Hunt is bizarrely behind Shane Long in the pecking order.

has stokes being playing at whoever he went on loan to(sheffield wednesday?)…

It was Sheffield United he went to - saw him playing in a goals roundup there last week but not sure what he’s been doing regularly.

The likes of Miller, Stokes, Bruce, Long and Folan should really be replaced by the likes of Garvan, Hunt, St Leger, Andy Reid etc.

I would agree with you rock but unfortunately trappatoni wants continuity in his squad and I don’t see this happening anytime soon…

The battle lines are being drawn here. Again, I reiterate that Andy Reid’s hardly a superb player but he’s got more ability than half the selected midfield players. Agree with Rocko on the merits of Garvan and Noel Hunt ahead of some of those chosen too.

I can recognise the merits of continuity for guys like Whelan who have been involved. But the likes of Miller and Long haven’t been in the team and have been overlooked. Why not replace them now with guys who are performing much better?

It’s not Noel Hunt’s fault that he hasn’t been in the squad or the training camp before - it’s probably Brady’s fault but I suppose that’s not important. What is important is not compounding the error by continuing to leave him out. I don’t think he’s anywhere near the starting lineup at the moment, by the way, but he’s miles better than Long and always was.

As for the Andy Reid stuff, well that looks like it’s part of a much bigger issue with the individual so hard to know what’s going on.

Thats very odd to see it still like that. Whatever about Longs inclusion, Hunt deserves a look in now, very unfair. Perhaps Trap detests Rovers also.

Anyone know what the craic is with Carsley? Is he retired?

Is Andy Reid definately not injured?

Delap should have got a chance.

Carsley isn’t retired.

No reports of Reid being injured, would seem like a very quick turnaround from having played on Saturday with no reports yesterday.

Delap is certainly worth a look. As is Noel Hunt. There is some deadwood there needing to cut aside.

I agree with Rocks’s assessment of Miller, Stokes, Bruce, Long and Folan.

The Andy Reid omission is a bizarre twist.

are we really all that surprised though?

trap’s ability to hold a grudge / opinion on players is long established.

he’ll do it his way, or not at all.

have to admit i’d grudgingly respect his conviction.

have my ticket so look forward to seeing some of the back-ups get a run out. assuming he’s not too stubborn to play them.

when is this match on lads, wednesday week?..

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Where has Andrews come out of?

Dont think I ever heard of him before a few weeks ago. Has he been in squads before?
Any use