Ireland v Slovakia - Thursday, 26 March 2020 - European Championships Qualifier Semi Final

To quote every GAA manager ever, Semi Finals are for winning


Nothing to fear from the Slovaks. They are middling enough too. Mightnt be a bad away trip to go to. stadium is an hour north of Bratislava which isn’t too bad.

Three tight games here methinks . Very hard to call at this juncture .

We will qualify in Belfast.

What’s the crac here? Is this over wan or two legs?
If we lose is there another back door?

This isn’t the Cork senior hurling championship we’re talking about, no more back doors

Is it one game or two?


When would this be?
Likely be cold in bratislava. Are Slovakia any good?

It’s two games, semi and final

March. Not great

None of the four teams left are any good really. If they were they’d have qualified already.

Pavel is a smooth looking fucker.


This is Massive for @Funtime

What’s Stephen Hendry doing at the draw?

I’d have allowed you Christoph Waltz

it will be epoch defining. a lot of my comrades are asking me what to expect of the oirish team. we tend to think of your football as basic route 1 stuff, much courage and effort but little of the finesse we associate with our own team. i have predicted that you guys will attempt to play a more central european variety of football in the opening stages, but that you will eventually resort to sticking the big number 4 up top. my comrades and I feel your people are naive, morally bankrupt in terms of taxation and are still very much following the social and cultural norms as laid out by your former conqueror and as currently represented by their occupying navy RNLI. we often laugh at your Labour Party and how it pretends to advocate for workers rights while it dines at the table of your capitalist elites. we sometimes mock your thick ankled womenfolk and your obese children as we wonder aloud how such a wealthy county can be some negligent in terms of provision of cycle lanes. we give our full support to Councillor Joe who supports a better quality of life for the people of your beautiful Fingal area.


Bosnia will beat NI