Ireland v Switzerland - Euro 2020 Qualifier

Disappointed that there isn’t a thread already in place for this.

No Shaqiri for the Swiss which is a massive boost for us. Looks like Mick will stick with the tried and trusted somewhat for this game. Looking forward to being in attendance for it.

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Duffy was on the bench for Brighton at the weekend. Is he injured or has he been struggling to get his game?





lets actually try and win the game

Doherty’s injured

Can’t believe how bad the squad is.

I can.

ah balls

Would love to see Josh Cullen in midfield but we’ll play Glen Whelan now at hearts. Harder to get off the Irish team than on it.

Will he not give Devon Toner a call up?

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Nil all and Big Micks men will march on.

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Who is josh Cullen ?? I honestly never heard of him

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Not injured. Just useless

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West Ham youth player, was playing for Charlton last year. Very tidy midfielder at that level anyway.

He’s our best player by far

I dont disagree. He is probably our best player. He is still useless.

But youd have heard of some no mark rubby player…


A bit to go yet methinks

I wouldn’t . I have a fairly average knowledge of rugby. I had known little of your man Kleyn to the last few weeks. Do you follow the west ham youth academy team ??

He is a good solid centre half , a leader and a weapon at set pieces . Very important to us .