Ireland's Air Quality

We need to know why?
Surely Letterkenny shouldn’t be near the top.

You are welcome.

Just back ftom a week away and it was one of the first things I noticed.

I thought you were a Wexican?

Yeah live in Letterkenny now though.

The local coal merchant here in Caherdavin is Ger Walters of Watchhouse Cross. He won’t deliver smoky coal to Caherdavin but you can drive down and pick up all you want yourself.
How mad is that?

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I’d imagine in Tipp Towns instance the following are big contributors,

  • large scale slow moving Main Street traffic. Town is a bottleneck and a lot of the tributary roads are very busy too.

  • solid fires. A lot of the housing around the town is probably resided in by low income families using a lot of coal & timber fuel sources.
    You can see it on a cold day driving through the smoke off chimneys.

You’d expect the few lifeless wasteland midlands towns on there but youd think there’d be enough wind on the west coast of a sunday to blow a bit of fresh air in and around.
Peoples park in Limerick pollution was probably just blood and guts from lads fighting…

Some lad in Letterkenny taking his smoke breaks beside the filter probably

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Some sort of a cluster diagram would be more beneficial alright. Is the People’s Park the only measuring station in Limerick? We need more info @The_Selfish_Giant.

@The_Selfish_Giant is notorious for presenting unreliable data

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It was certainly the only place to measure your manhood according to an esteemed retired poster…

Surprised Portrush and Ballycastle haven’t made the list

Bit of wind this week will sort it out.

Once the ruskis blow the shit out of Chernobyl, it won’t matter a fuck