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As it happens Tony O’Brien is being an Oireachtas committee this morning. O’Brien insisting people need to wait until the outcome of an enquiry into the scandal, which I’m sure will be protracted just long enough for him to ride off into the sunset with a golden handshake in a couple of months.

Tony O’Brien, Director General of the HSE, was asked about the interview while appearing before the Public Accounts Committee this morning. He said he “wasn’t in a position to hear the interview” but will listen to it “when I have an opportunity to do so”.

“It is clearly always very tragic when any young person receives a diagnosis of terminal cancer,” O’Brien said.

Fianna Fáil TD Marc MacSharry was among those to say O’Brien’s position is untenable. He described Emma’s interview as “harrowing”, adding: “We have an entire nation of women terrified.”

In a robust exchange, MacSharry said if such a controversy had taken place in the private sector, O’Brien would “be gone months ago”.

“You wouldn’t last 20 minutes [in the commercial sector] and you know it.”

marc Marc MacSharry

O’Brien disagreed, telling MacSharry: “You are causing hysteria. You are absolutely failing to accept the reality of population-based screening.”

He noted that CervicalCheck is a screening rather than diagnostic programme, and is not perfect.

O’Brien said people shouldn’t jump to conclusions before the outcome of the inquiry into the controversy.

Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane told O’Brien: “You have a job to do as Director General of the HSE, we have a job as public representatives to hold you to account.

That’s why you’re paid the salary that you’re paid, the buck stops with you … The hysteria has been caused by the systemic flaws in your organisation.
He said O’Brien’s resignation would be “the very first step in you taking accountability and the HSE taking accountability”.

“Anybody with half a brain would know that it is a systemic failure,” Cullinane said, adding that it “speaks volumes” that O’Brien disagrees.

O’Brien responded by saying there is a difference between a system failure and a systemic failure.

_‘Playing with people’s lives’ _

O’Brien noted that only 48 of the 209 women whose results were examined in an audit into CervicalCheck smear tests were informed.

He said certain people spent “far too much time” deciding who should tell the women involved, adding that this was not an official position taken by the HSE.

Social Democrats TD Catherine Murphy described Emma’s terminal cancer diagnosis as “a catastrophic failure for her and a catastrophic failure for the health service”.

She said the doctors who failed to tell patients about issues with their smear tests “were playing with people’s lives”.

O’Brien said “anyone who is found to have failed in their duty” will be held to account following due process and disciplinary procedures. He said the outcome of this process will be made public once it is complete.

O’Brien said he takes “partial responsibility” for what happened but cannot be held accountable for the actions of others.

He said the public is generally well-served by employees of the HSE and CervicalCheck, who are “as devastated as anybody by the circumstances that have now unfolded”.


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IFPA is not state run. In fact it has been quite opposed to the State on many issues over the years and has sued the State here and abroad.


Ok interesting. Any particular cases worth looking at?

Who pays the wages?


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I did get a laugh off these comments on case in The Journal

Anne Robinson
2hours ago
@Anne Robinson: I have formally asked Leo and/or the HSE and/or CervicalCheck to have my last two smear tests audited to check the accuracy of the results. I would image this would be a more cost-effective way to deal with the situation and would prevent thousands of women go through the trauma of having their smear tests done again. Please encourage all women to do the same.

1hour ago
@Anne Robinson: that is a great idea. How did you make you request? Just tweet them or do you have an email address? Thanks.


Fair enough.


Well I think they had an involvement with the X case.

Here’s a human rights case they took against Ireland regarding the provision of information on abortion.

I don’t know where their funding comes from. I’d guess much of it comes from overseas. They do get some State funding, like many charities, but that’s different to being state-controlled or operated.


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