Ireland's health service

Shame shame

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You two bucks seem to have it sussed.


Alternatively I have nothing but praise for it. Granted we entered it under emergency circumstances and with Health Insurance but that wouldn’t have negated the service provided.

But the entire Health Insurance scheme is totally fucked. Herself spent 7 nights about 2 years ago undergoing operations on her carotid arteries (consultant/op/anesthestist - €1,400) 7 nights stay - €16,000…


Gov run healthcare does not work.

Would the medical card cover this? There is hope for @Brimmer_Bradley yet.

I only heard the full story behind the Irish hospital sweepstakes for the first time this evening. How were they let away with it for so long.

It was a cash cow for the counter revolution.

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Sounds like it funded various IRA campaigns along with more than a few politicians.

I met a fella one time who worked for them and he told great yarns of smuggling prize money out of the country into the US because it was all illegal

What’s the full story

It was just a sham to allow the fellas running it, along with various politicans, get filthy rich. There were strong republican connections and a lot of the money raised found its way to the IRA.

Despite being setup with the guise of funding Irish Hospitals it was run as a private company. Only 10% of money ever found its way to the hospitals, with the directors pocketing 10’s of millions themselves over the years. There was also reports of the draws being manipulated and the guys running the lotto were able to buy shares in winning tickets.

All seems reasonable

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Couldn’t expect them to be doing it for nothing.


I just hope the staff were unionized and the profits were shared equally.

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@tazdedub is not going to be happy

Some right gangsters involved, the major players had previous as well…

I’d say they’re calling an egm in the 51 as we speak

Why would you say that mate

Are you still here?