Irish Cricket


Come on Pakistan. A couple of quick wickets needed to knock these orange cunts out of their stride.




Need 124 runs from 16 overs,gonna be very tight but Ireland will have to go for it when it gets down to last 3-4 overs.


This is live on YouTube if anyone's interested on the cricketirelandtv channel. Camera angles are up close and personal


He's not so fucking hot now, is he?


No. He only got a century against a Test playing nation. What a useless cunt.




We need 56 off 40 balls 7 wickets remaining.


50 off 27 balls for Sandymount's Kevin O'Brien:clap:


What's that I hear? Did someone just turn a key in the bandwagon?


Keep tipping until last three overs then gun it for 4s and 6s,cmon Ireland!


Here is a link for anyone wishing to keep up with the fortunes of the Thatcherites.


Yes the naive Pakistanis won't have thought of that.


:rolleyes: Do you watch IPL pal? Do you know what happens in the last 2-3 overs? Caution to the wind at this stage.


Fuck, its tight.


Fucked man that rain delay earlier will fuck them with that dinky rule!


Get Kevin on strike Trent & we have a sneak of a chance.


15 needed of final over. :popcorn:


15 off the final over needed, very unlikely.


Not now. Kevin hits the deck after the first delivery hits him on the knee.