Irish Cricket


One of the lads on Off The Ball this evening used that exact same term @Fagan ODowd


Given that my comments predated Off the Ball, I assume they are reading the forum.


Because I said so above, you volatile piece of shit. Now don't go changing the subject - if you're going to post about Irish cricket then get the basic facts straight, you fucking cunt. You fucking understand that? Arsehole. "McClellan"! He's got over 100 caps, you disrespectful bastard.


Yeah point taken. I wouldn't mind but when I was typing the orange bastards name I was thinking this doesn't sound right. I really have to be more thorough in my posting, days on the farm are long gone where lads were too stupid to pull you up. I got lazy.

You fucking goat raping shit eating CEO sucking strawberry picking child envying fashion following town strolling wankstain, start on me again and ill fucking tear you apart.




That was motherfucking hard to watch. Worst thing is, with TJ gone it opens up an even bigger bowling problem for us. Bad days ahead.

Some knock from Porterfield though. clap


Anyone who takes Irish cricket any way seriously should be embarrassed.


Yeah, exactly. Good point. The very point to take from today, when 10,000 people showed up and Irish cricketers dominated on both teams, is that Irish cricket isn't to be taken seriously.


Can't disagree with any of that. Nicely put.


if the cunts in attendance were any good they would have booed Morgan's century, instead he prob got a standing ovation


I saw one report where his name was chanted by supporters.


I see he needed 1 run to win and the cunt smashed a 6-would this not be equivalent to a soccer player celebrating wildly after scoring against his old club a la Adebayor? But in this case it is your own country rather than your old club.


Apparently he's not Irish, he only used the Irish set up to get himself noticed by his native land.


The cunt was born and reared in Dublin, went to a Catholic school and played hurling according to his wiki page-his parents must be mortified.


He proudly wears the three lions now.


Good to Shamrock Rovers fans enjoying the cricket and mixing with lads from Southend. [ATTACH=full]826[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]827[/ATTACH]




The lads said they'll proudly fly it in Stormont later this week for the Scotland game. I forgot to ask if they were members of the 400 club, perhaps TWCB can inform us.. An enjoyable day yesterday, the facilities behind the stand were were great, beers in the sun and Mrs Goode enjoyed many prosecco's, certainly beats working! Only disappointment was that the St George flag was flying high but there was no Tricolour....


3 from 3 for Ireland in World Cup T20 qualifying in the UAE. Another absolute nailbiting win today against the hosts following yesterday's 2 run win over Canada. Trent Johnston was the hero bowling the last over today. How can we ever replace the retiring legend? clap


Concentrate on some scouting in Australia?