Irish Football,where do we go now?


Can we pay Stoke a compensation package in advance to make this happen


MON to go🤞


I trust Mr Delaney will ensure the best deal for FAI .


I’m hearing that Ireland’s M.O’Neill is being sounded out to replace Ireland’s M.O’Neill.


Oh please God let this happen


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in the last week

Simon Power from UCD to norwich
Aaron Drinan has signed for ipswich from corks academy via waterford
Warren O"Hora has joined brighton from Bohs

these 3 lads are very talented footballers who could have very good futures
its different to the likes of say Mcelhenny to Oldham, Delaney to Rochdale dave mcmillan to St, Johnstone and Sale to Barnet, these 4 lads are moving to play at a slightly higher in Delanay and Macelhanny’s case standard than LOI, have probably reached their full potential and are just going to get well paid

the 3x boys mentioned above represent very good players who have been developed here and have a chance ,
im astounded to be honest that lads here seem to just miss this fact completely, but these boys are the future of the game


in other news, Hitler invades Poland


That Chico Flores whatever is staying at Espanyol, this could happen yet :crossed_fingers:


O’Neill has handled this poorly and will come out of it badly whatever happens. Sanchez Flores was being offered a 5 year deal while they are asking O’Neill to walk away for a six month contract and could well have no job in the summer even if he keeps them up . If he doesn’t get the gig, surely this and the Denmark defeat have done massive damage in the Irish dressing room.


Yep, time to move on

He was a success, Michael o Neil to take us to the next level


Mick O Neil is going to Alba


Money talks


Michael O’Neill is going to Scotland?


Yeah he’s in talks and they’ve agreed to pay his release from Norn Iron


Will FAEire receive a big payout if their manager is poached?
Will it go straight back to denis obrien or will they be allowed keep it?


He has no contract so no. Very shrewd by mr Delaney


? he is getting 20k a week, he must have a contract


they currently have no manager
they will not receive a cent


Is this the case ?

MON is out of contract but has a gentleman’s agreement to sign a new contract and is currently being paid as per last contract . The FAI will get fuck all compensation if he goes to Stoke City .