Irish Football,where do we go now?


Rugby Union was always low in the pecking order in Oz . Certainly a distant second to League . It has no real presence in Victoria or western Oz .

The 1984 team was their first really great side…
The first serious Lions tour to Oz was 1989 .

They co hosted the inaugural RWC and played their serious home games in the 24,000 Sydney Concorde Oval .


Yeah, they’d struggle alright, what with just 28 of their 30 man squad for the last World Cup born in Australia, and the notoriously difficult qualification process.


Citizens maybe.

Eitger way, traditionals lines have dried up


What rugby playing country doesn’t rely on exports? It’s just a pillaging really.


Yes. And 27 of the 30 were brought up there.

Sorry to have to inform you you’re talking twaddle about yet another subject.

I suppose it’s difficult for the Australians to compete with teams like Ireland who rely on such native talents as CJ Stander and Bundee Aki.


Quite a few soccer the same


I don’t believe those numbers. I think you are chancing your arm.

It still is removed from my point


Not really and nowhere near the same extent.


Qantas Wallabies are the value bet to win the 2019 World Cup.


Looks like you think that anybody who isn’t white can’t be Australian. Weird stuff.


We have a happy knack of peaking when it matters.


Prove me wrong


You’re asking me to prove you wrong in your assertion that non-white people can’t be Australian? :grin:

Well, mate, Australia existed before 1788, you know.


I think the debate ended here. It should have been concluded but Kev refused to put his hands up and admit he was caught out spoofing, disappointing really.


No. As usual you deflect. Like all the psychos here.

I don’t believe 28 of the Aussie team were born in Oz

Show me i’m wrong.

Would be surprised. Their colour is of no consequence to me


But the debate is about their rugby structures being out dated


Clearly it is.

Exactly which Australian rugby players do you think should not be playing for Australia?


Where did i say anyone should not be playing?

Stop moving posts.

Just get me the proof.

It won’t upset me. I don’t care. Being wrong about it does not matter to my life. I would simply be very surprised


No. The point you made was specifically referring to Australian rugby struggles, as far as I can see Australia struggle no worse than any other of the top rugby playing nations (New Zealand, South Africa, England and France),

None of them struggle to qualify for World Cups as you stated Australia do (which they don’t).
Australia rely on non-domestic production of rugby players as much as the rest of the teams who take part in a niche sport do.

As usual, your illogical ramblings don’t stand up to facts and logic.


Australia’s problem is that rugby union has always been a minority sport there and doesn’t have the interest needed to sustain a national competition, especially with the lure of European rugby for their top players. Rugby league dominates in NSW and Queensland, Aussie Rules dominates in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Cricket is strong everywhere and soccer is making increasing inroads everywhere.

Even in 2003, when Eddie Jones was coaching, at least three of their starting line up in the World Cup final - Rodgers, Sailor and Tuqiri had come from NRL in the previous couple of years.

The Qantas Wallabies do outstandingly well to consistently compete at the level they do.