Irish music

There is a major difference between a product in the conventional sense and a musical product. The fact is that Hannon saw that his cheap music had a market so turned his back on quality music in order to make money. He therefore was a disgrace to his art.

No Scorsese on the whole has been a superb director. He definitely never sold out.
Whereas his award was recognition of his superb work over the years, eventhough the film that won it may not have been his best, Hannon doesn’t deserve an award on the basis of his work over the years

I fail to see your point, Hannon has every right to do whatever he wants. He committed no crime, merely aimed at a market that was more lucrative. Typical Irish begrudgery.

As I’ve stated don’t know anything about the awards but I take issue with the sell out theory.

I made my point perfectly clear. He began to write poorer quality music for the simple reason that it earned him more money. Do you know what a sell out is?

While the second point is fair enough on the question of Scorsese never selling out I invite you to consider:

This advertisement for American Express starring Scorsese

This American Express commercial directed by Scorsese (which is hugely expolitative of 9/11)

He also directed a film called Lady by The Sea which was a fundraiser for the reopening of the Statue of Liberty sponsored in no uncertain terms by those American Express people also. Sorry I can’t find a clip of it.

Well, I set out to make a bunch of commercial sounding but still musically interesting songs and while my keys player dug her own grave by taking sides against me in a despicable act of betrayal and my drummer thinks they sound dated, I…well I was pleased with them. I wanted to make a few things that sound in the same ballpark as a hit before recording the “cool” stuff.

I dunno anymore. 4th track isn’t nearly finished, btw. Another Wednesday to go.

Well, I’m currently a solo artist again…

@carryharry and anyone who likes music to listen to while getting baked, I recorded this between 4:00am and 5:30am this morning after two tabs of acid.

Sounds best loud.

Needs some work, pal.

Well I don’t dispute that…I’ve not had much time since getting in at 6am

Are we looking at a new direction? Some mixing of existing songs?

I don’t know. There’s a few different styles flying around. I just try to do what’s best with what music gear I have to hand. I’ve always wanted to play some Shoegaze though, so I’m glad I recorded that. I’ll work on it a bit more then send it to Limerick to my cousin so he can add some synths and make it sound a little more blissed out.

Was it the plan to really drop the lyrics off into the background?

Yeah. That’s the style of it, pal. Ever heard Loveless by My Bloody Valentine??

Was never a fan of them, pal.

I must have a gawk through my Laptop & see if i can find something similar to give you some inspiration Sound wise.

It currently sounds exactly as I want it to, except I’ll re-do the vocals, add some skyscraping synths and try to add some daycent drums. Though the last part isn’t hugely important. If you don’t like MBV or the similarly name M83, I suggest you drop some LSD and fix that.

But I’d be interested to hear your suggestions.

Latest efforts

I’m very fond of this one (excerpt)

This is my new band stretching out a bit last night just improvising. I think we could be good. Bit sloppy but not the worst.

FAO @carryharry

Complete change of direction?

Nah, we play a load of different styles but they’re all in the space/psych-rock category I suppose you might loosely call it.

Anything with lyrics in the offing? How many have you in this new band?

Our new singer as of last night.

My demo to attract a couple of musicians. We’ll have plenty of stuff soon, don’t worry.