Irish music

Just putting together a CD of Irish music for a foreign bird here who’s heading home in a few weeks, and found myself selecting a few songs which reflect their times; so thought I might do the whole CD on that basis, trying to capture Irish society of the last 30 years or so.

Have come up with the following so far; a couple of dodgy ones, there more for aptness than the greatness of the song, but would appreciate additions rather than slating the current list.
I’m sure Damien Dempsey must have some suitable songs commenting on current events?
And if anyone can think of any positive songs - though maybe there are fewer (or worse) songs written about the good times?

U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster
Boomtown Rats - Banana Republic
Phil Lynott - Old Town
U2 - Bad
Boomtown Rats - Rattrap
Pogues - Fairytale of New York
Dubliners - Rare Ould Times
Luke Kelly - The Town I Loved So Well
Pogues - Rainy Night in Soho
Sawdoctors - N17
Christy Moore - Joxer Goes to Stuttgart
Divine Comedy - Sunrise (about the Good Friday Agreement)
D:Ream - Things can only get better
Thrills - One Horse Town (I don’t like them cos I think they unintentionally capture the arrogant Celtic Cub spirit)

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I just consulted my mp3 there as I was having a total mind blank. You have most of the bases covered but I’d get some Frames in there, maybe Fitzcarraldo or Revelate if you want uplifting or positive stuff.

Maybe a bit of Van Morrison wouldn’t go astray?

I’d definitely stick in something from Whipping Boy, anything from Heartworm really, and I’d have Snow Patrol in there too.

Maybe a bit of Kila for some modern traditional stuff? Heyday by Mic Christopher?

I like Mark Geary’s stuff too and JJ72’s first album is smashing. What the fook happened them? Of late I’m liking Future Kings of Spain, Declan De Barra and Duke Special.

Damien Rice perhaps? A bit of Aslan or The Frank and Walters for a late 80s vibe?

As for Damo Dempsey, you can’t go wrong with Colony or Factories or Dublin Town or Negative Vibes or anything really.

Speaking of Irish music I was wondering has anyone got any stuff by this new wave of bands coming through? Director, Humanzi, Delorentos etc. Was considering investing but haven’t as of yet. I was listening to this band at Oxygen called The Crimea too - I think they’re Irish youngsters and I was impressed too. Any info will be taken on board.

Exalt. Cheers. Especially the Mic Christopher, that captures the feeling of a couple of years back perfectly.

Future kings of spain
Maybe some Planxty from the live album

Put some Gift Grub on it too, if they can understand it, especially the Radio Roy ones

ah dee dee die die dum ho, ho hee hah hum joe jew

dee dee die diddly dum didly dee die dee doo

fook off

what about football’s coming home???

Some Rory Gallagher perhaps?

Cranberries - Zombie?

Smite, for ignoring me

Well if I could find “Put 'em under pressure” I’d definitely include that.
Considering Zombie, have to see if it’s on i-tunes, I’m not going to buy the album just for that song.
Have added Therapy? - Going Nowhere (cheers WhyohWhy), An Emotional Fish - Celebrate, and Christy Moore - Missing You to the list.

Horslips - An Dearg Doon?

Enya. I dont think an irish music collection would be valid without her.

PS, loose the BTrats imo

Yeah, but as I said it’s meant to be songs that capture the zeitgeist. So something like Bad can be read as a commentary on 1980s Ireland, or Sunday Bloody Sunday or Alternative Ulster on the Troubles. I don’t think Enya has done anything suitable; while the chorus of Orinoco Flow does go “sail away, sail away”, it’s not really an emigration song. Similarly, I’ve no idea what An Dearg Doom is about.

Fair enough, i think you are picking your arguments; what does the pogues’ piss ups in New York and London have to do with Irish society?

Personally i think it would be irresponsible of you to not include her. She does have a distinct sound which is uniquely Irish, surely thats enough, whats all this nonsense about society.

Anyway she did have a good song about Irish society, specifically the plight of male prostitutes in “Harry’s game”

PS Dearg doom is about the world cup

Good call on Sunrise.

I’d recommend:

Damien Dempsey - Celtic Tiger
The Frames - Revelate
Collie - Daily Listings
Ash - Girl from Mars

and make sure that’s the live version of Bad from Wide Awake in America you’re using.

Came home last night just in time to hear The Divine Comedy winning best Irish album at the Choice award on Today FM. Would see it as a Scorsese-type award, definitely not his best album, more of a lifetime achievement award than anything else. Didn’t think much of the album actually but will have to give it another go now. What do other people think? Farmer, would be particularly interested to hear your view, I know like myself you’ve been into him since the start.

I’m sure there’s a more appropriate thread to put this on to, but can’t be bothered looking any further.

There is no doubt that Hannon has talent by the sackload. We’ve both agree Law that Promenade is probably the best Irish album ever made. However Cassanova was the album where things changed. There was some good moments there - Alfie, Songs of Love and Woman of the World. However there were horrors also like Something for the Weekend and The Frog Princess. These were the songs that got him the hits in the UK so he kept making that type of music - in other words he sold out. I lost interest in him soon after Generation Sex and the one about him blowing his nose. He lost my respect completely. I remember he supported REM at Lansdowne Road in 1999 and I didnt bother turn up to see him.

So in conclusion, I dont think its a Scorsese type award. That said I heard him singing an accoustic version of Hey Ya on Today Fm once and it was incredible. I also recently heard his version of Life on Mars as well and its superb. As i said no doubting his ability but he will always remain a sell out to me

Was going to post about this. Never really got into Divine Comedy but know a good few of you are fans so was wondering what the album was like.

Anyone have the David Kitt album that was nominated?

The Immediate’s one is meant to be smashing but don’t have it either.

I don’t see the big deal in Hannon producing music that is successful in the UK, it is a business after all and the UK is a substantailly bigger market than Ireland.

To call it selling out is a bit harsh, if a manufacturer produced a product that was popular here but needed adjustments to sell in the UK - would that be selling out too?

Couldn’t give a fook about those awards, all bollox really. Same as any of those artistic type awards - Oscars, Grammys etc. Handing out awards for what are in effect immmeasurable and very subjective things always struck me as strange.

Would you include All-Stars in that list Appendage?

Farmer - I think by your comments that it is more of a Scorcese-type award. Guy has been around the scene for ages, he’s obviously made some good stuff and some crap stuff but we’ll give him the award this year even though it’s not his best year.

Would you include All-Stars in that list Appendage?

Yeah I would infact - there have been some ridiculous awards, and of course nominations over the years. Very subjective. But still sports performance’s a alot easier to rate.

Tastes in music and films vary wildly, so I just don’t see the merit in that type of award. Suppose it creates a bit of entertainment and some debate though.