Irish Rugby - starting to take the piss?

This was forwarded to me by email earlier. Seems like some fooking jokeshop of a setup. FAI-esque. From a particular Rugby Association (not IRFU or a provincial branch)

Dear Member,

28 September 2010

As you no doubt appreciate there has been a significant reduction in the overall number of tickets available in the AVIVA Stadium particularly when compared to Croke Park. To enhance its ability to fulfil the requirements of its members, the XXXX has successfully negotiated a generous ticket allocation. A condition of the allocation, similar for all constituents, requires that we accept the full allocation for all Home Internationals in the AVIVA Stadium.

Based on member ticket applications received to-date, the XXX will have a significant, if not embarrassing, ticket surplus for all Autumn Internationals. The financial consequence of this excess cannot be borne by the Association.

Accordingly, the Association finds it necessary to impose mandatory ticket pairings, linking member’s requests for 6 Nations tickets, with those of the Autumn series as follows:

  • Ireland V England is paired with Ireland V South Africa and Ireland V Samoa. € 256.00

  • Ireland V France is paired with Ireland V New Zealand + Ireland V Argentina. €296.00

As a consequence, members wishing to secure tickets for Ireland V England will only be considered where the member also orders a similar number of tickets for Ireland V South Africa and Ireland V Samoa. Similarly, members requiring tickets for Ireland V France must also order a similar number of tickets for Ireland V New Zealand and Ireland V Argentina.

Whilst the Association regrets being in this position, it anticipates that members will understand its final decision in this regard.

It would be appreciated if you would respond to this mail by September 30th indicating your acceptance. Based on your current 6 Nations order the Association will make the necessary amendments. A “NO” reply will be assumed that your position remains unchanged. In such circumstance, member applications requesting 6 Nations tickets only will receive no further attention.

Thanking you for your consideration.

I have dubbed this the Irish rugby football bubble. It is set to crash, just like the Irish property bubble did. We have been discussing it on the popular anti-rugby football thread.

I am aware of your posts. But given how popular Rugby is on this forum, I felt it deserved its own thread.

By “Rugby association” are you referring to a club?

Okay, I understand.

Kind of, but not really.

thatcher dying & westbrit ball dying in the same year would lift the spirits of this nation to a level never seen before

Mac, what exactly are you a “member” of?

The Association

You sure? Thought it might be the supporters club.

You must not talk about The Association


Its not me thats the member - its a mate of mine.


Right. So this “mate” what is he a member of? I presume its the supporters Club?