Irish soccerball nil - That boy Ferguson will save us (Part 2)

You were told mate. Done up like a kipper​:grinning::grinning::grinning:. Fergie is green.

You caught him a beauty there… Fellas pulling out the bookmarked posts etc. You were told :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

You got me good there mate. Congrats.

Anyway in other news Idah is after getting injured again tonight after getting an assist earlier on.

Norwich, where young Irish talent goes to get perpetually injured.

Proposal to ban @Perez2017 from this thread.

What day you @Rocko??

Why would i be banned? Paul Rowan not a credible source and proved.

Some slap in the puss for @Perez2017

O’Dowda & McClean preferred over Brady & Manning as left wing back options.

Can’t think of (m)any other contentious decisions given he’s named 26 & likes of Duffy & Stevens are injured anyway.

There was talk that the chap, Szmodics, that plays off the striker at Blackburn would be included but he doesn’t make it. Centre midfield again looks bereft of quality.

Any update on what injury Idah went off with the last night?

Is McLean a Defender at his club?

Would expect Cannon to replace Idah if the injury is significant.

Manning said in the paper that he agreed not to go unless there was playing time for him with the Championship schedule.

His shoulder/arm must be sore from the new tattoo of a Nike tiempo total 90 boot he got during the week.

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Just saw Ferguson’s 2 goals today on the news. Fuck me, he’s good.

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Unleash the jersey oddballs


He’s the biggest one of all.