Irish soccerball nil - That boy Ferguson will save us (Part 2)

We don’t count that one. There was nobody there except the ghosts of 1916 which Stephen Kenny had unleashed in the dressing room.

You’re thinking of the Euros here surely? I don’t remember either Austria or Czech Republic at the 2022 World Cup and sure the Nations League was only introduced in autumn 2018.

Edit: Just noticed that you meant the play-off rather than the tournament itself.

When’s the last time they beat us in a competitive game . Prior to the infamous Spock game we were unbeaten since 1985 against them.

Neither Austria nor Czech Republic qualified for the World Cup finals. They qualified for the UEFA zone World Cup qualifying play-offs in March 2022 on the basis of their performance in the 2020 Nations League.

Austria were beaten by Wales in their play-off semi-final and the Czech Republic were beaten by Sweden in their play-off semi-final.

Austria had finished 4th in their World Cup qualifying group and the Czech Republic had finished 3rd in their group.

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We can always use the loophole that the Nations League really isn’t competitive, really.

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You’ll never beat the Irish*

*once we can set the metrics

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Glorified practice matches. That’s the way Martin O’ Neill viewed them when he was in charge anyway. And MO’N had a real disdain for friendlies/challenge/practice/opening of a field matches.

If the Nations League route to the 2026 World Cup play-offs remains the same, we’re basically screwed as only Nations League group WINNERS have a chance of a World Cup play off.

This was how it worked last time.

Hungary won their Nations League B group in 2020 but still missed out on a play-off because Austria and Czech Republic had won their Nations League B groups and like Hungary missed the top two in their World Cup qualifying group. Hungary were the odd man out.

The Nations League

How are we still in group B
How are BH in A?? Ditto Israel.
Sweden are in C!! Wtf??

All working out well for once for the loyal season ticket masochists

Looks like Kelleher did well today.



Going to start a revolution

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Hill got the €60 referral bonus for that


Its nice

Set up the friendly against Lithuania this instant

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It’s Carsley all right. Hold up is putting together background staff.

I’d say you could write what Shay Given knows about the inner workings of anything on the thumb of a goalies glove.

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