Irish soccerball nil - That boy Jinky will save us (Part 2)

Moyes is hardly in the conversation? For half a million a year? He will pick up a bottom half premier league job a few months into the season no bother, making ten times that at least.

Pepe still one of the best and is over 40

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Moyes is a fine coach. That Everton team with Baines and Pienaar played some super football. West Ham have some serious talent but a lot of very limited players. The two Czech lads are hardly even footballers at that level. Kalvin Phillips form fucked him hard.


Hopefully Evan Ferguson can develop the same way. Hughes is probably the template for him.

I’ve no clue if it’s competitive or a friendly but the U21s have gone 2-0 up vs Croatia inside the first 15 mins

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Thank you, Stephen Kenny.



Friendly, playing England next week. Euro qualification resumes in September.

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I would absolutely slap your hand off if you offered David Moyes as manager.


He knows his stuff, he is on all those UEFA technical committees for tournaments trying to identify new trends in football

Finished 3-2 to Oireland. We sewed it into the Croats at the reception

Yeah I don’t think he gets mentioned much for best ever united teams etc. Hed be up there with the best of them for me. A unique type of player and some man to get an important goal.

Finished 2-2.

The Doc is DROPPED

Can’t have fellas trotting around against Portugal in fairness.