Is gender dysphoria treatable by surgery?

If you’re against, before they cut your cock off.

Who was it that defended that weird bitch who wanted a sex change for her young child? Was it that know it all little wanker @glasagusban , I think it was :smiley:

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delete that you fool

Dublin by 2

They’ve been here for years, Joe.

We say “stop” when we’re singing Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, Joe.

It begins: “Stop, collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new invention etc etc.”

Ah Jesus

A bit confused after you got a horn after seeing that transgender one Joe?

I’d give Davy another year anyway.

Well Harry, would you?


Bit behind the times there Joe.

Joe didn’t know who that was… I showed him a few pics and said ‘she’s not bad for an older lady is she?’ And Joe was giving it the old ‘I’d give it to her big time’ and then I told him…

I think you should go for it Joe. Could solve a lot of your issues.

FFS sake joe.

Please clarify whether the question is Should transgenders be allowed in Ireland or Is it too far to allow transgenders in Ireland. This is vital.

Maybe give it a try as both first before committing fully @Joe Player. If you reserve capital letters for when you’re Joe Player but use small letters for when you’re josephine Player we’ll automatically know how you’re feeling that day.

Sorry @glasagusban Mice told me. I didn’t mean anything by the thread you are a good guy.