Is It Time To Legalize Prostitution- Pros and Cons?

Local Limerick paper leading with the story that Limerick is in the eye of sex trade storm…

I was propositioned by one of these ladies at 12 noon a few weeks back while strolling down the street minding my ownbusiness and to my disgust.

But surely in this day and age, in a battle that will never be won, the grip criminals have on this and the exploitation and suffering of migrant women needs to be addressed in a forward thinking way.

Would you be in favour or reforming our laws to legalize it?

Zurich says yes, to protect the women

Better to keep it illegal and keep the money going to Romanian gangsters-if it is illegal then we can pretend that it doesn’t happen.

You must look like a John @Mark Renton if you are being solicited

Perhaps, but more like a Romanian… All I heard was ‘you want boom boom?’ I turned around and there was this little thing, about 22/23 just smiling. I walked on somewhat startled.

Prostitution is not illegal.

:clap:Chocolate Mice would have stuck it in her arse in the middle of Cruise’s Street but not Mark Renton-you are a walking advertisement for personal growth.