Is the forum suffering a post Euro 2012 hangover?

some amount of pure inane shite being posted and it aint just MBB.

Kev provokes a reaction when he is around but everyone else is gone a bit matey of late.

where is all the controversy, feuds?

where are the classic rants, walkouts, proper FOAD posts?

The Irish football team is the only thing that seems to provoke debate these days

good point

time the mods started banning a few of the muldoons for spamming the place with their paedo shit

Hope you had a safe trip back to Australia, mate.


hope the 5k you spent seeing Ireland being hummilaited was worth it mate

Who wants a fight?

Certain posters appear to have the craic knocked outta them as they have grown older. This trend alone has knocked alot of the stuffing outta this forum.


I think the place is great. You are all great lads.

Group hug.

OK you’re starting to freak me out man.

That’s unwarranted attack on Farmer. Bang out of order.
The ground rules were set for him early on the relationship and he knew what he was getting into, he seems happy so leave him be.

Thank you for expanding the discussion Runt. The influence of girlfriends/wives is obvious.

What sort of ground rules would you advise younger members to set before going further?

name names mate

This place needs to be marketed better as Ireland’s Number 1 GAA forum.

We need to get the TFK brand out there again. Maye something like this is needed

Bandage made a complete hames of that. He needs to drop his false hostility and stick to charming people with his wonderful stories. Leave the heavy work to tough guys like the runt.

Things just haven’t been the same since Fingal Raven disappeared.

Mac doesn’t get tanked up and come on here posting late at night, that’s a big problem for the forum.


Ewan McKennas actions have taken the fun out of it for me Totti

They know who they are TASE…

Is the Valley buzzing these night TASE? Are the 3 sharks still doing the rounds in the Adrenalin bar?