IT Professionals, Guilty

Use IE9?

Don’t you just hate when one of the top dogs arrives in with new Mac looking to get it hooked up to the domain :shakefist:

[quote=“The Runt, post: 692540”]Don’t you just hate when one of the top dogs arrives in with new Mac looking to get it hooked up to the domain


I did the ECDL, same as the Runt. Signing in

Not as good as the Chartered Accountant’s thread but seeing as I took Excel for Beginners and Word for Beginners when I started working in my current firm AND I figured out the importance of deleting not just the history folder but also temporary Internet files all by myself shortly after “getting the Internet” I’m signing in.

Same as. Sign me in please.

An exclusive clip of Runt and Hangblaa teaching Puke about the ins and outs of the internet…

You weren’t far off the mark… IE9 not supported in QTP 11 yet but strangely enough no bug.

I underestimated the potential of this thread.

That’s one for me. Should we have a leaderboard?

The Runt works from home on Fridays.

Signing in.

I’ve a Sega Megadrive.

I’m sickened by the level of abuse being directed at me on this thread

yea its poor quality abuse alright

I work with AI

I am looking for a recommendation on a decent laptop to buy?

Main uses for it will be Word, Excel, Computer accountancy packages and a few other programs. Not too bothered by gaming abilities but would like decent memory and battery life. Would also like the keypad to have the numbers on the right hand side as a normal keyboard.

Thanks in advance

I’m sorry but i have to step in here and please ask users not to seek IT advice in this thread. This is not a thread for IT professionals and the Runt to be burdened by pressure and expectation, they have enough pressure in their jobs trying to fix computers and fight viruses. This is a thread for them to meet and talk about any common issues they have with their profession and to share IT related anecdotes, of which i might add i have heard none thus far.

I’m considering implementing a much stricter policy on the use of USB keys. At the moment it’s all very much a verbal policy and placing trust in the user, e.g. don’t do this, don’t do that but I suspect they don’t pay a blind bit of notice to me.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a balance between data security and end user convenience :strokechin:

Pfft, security, what a sissy!

Surely IT workers are artisans rather than professionals. I think it demeans the term professional to attach it to a quasi mechanic who tells you to switch off your computer then switch it on again.

The reference to a guild is telling. The notion of a guild would be abhorrent to a true professional who traditionally would belong to a society or more recently, God help us, an institute. Guilds are for craftsmen.

Stick to listening to the wireless gramps