IT Professionals, Guilty

Now that we have a few IT guys here on the board (The Runt, the Puke, Tazdedub, Kinvara’s Passion and possibly more who are afraid to come forward) i think it would be a good idea for them to have their own thread to discuss IT matters and talk about any IT anecdotes they may have.

Hangblaa is the most senior IT professional on this forum


Could you change the thread title to IT professionals as opposed to workers. Systems guys like myself and Kinvara’s Passion don’t want people to think that we fulfill a similar role to desktop monkeys like The Runt

Yes, how could i forget Hangblaa. Despite having years more knowledge and skill than the Runt at IT you would hardly know he did it as he doesn’t bring it up every second minute.

Rocko (our IT guy amongst the admins) will have to do it as i don’t have access to that particular feature. Rocko, you have my permission to please change the thread title from ‘Workers’ to ‘Professionals’.

Yes, I would also be worried that a Warehouse Operative like Mr Totti would consider himself an IT worker and try and sign into the thread since he picks and packs stuff in the Warehouse for PC World.

Would you be happy to vet prospective candidates to this club to evaluate if they are suitably qualified to join? As a senior IT professional you are more qualified than most on the board to carry out this task.

i studied C++ for a year -

signing in

I am far from a senior analyst, Dunph, I’d say the likes of Hangblaa and KP have forgotten more about IT than I currently know. But I am more than happy to vet prospective candiates.

I think a poster with programming skills like TASE has to be brought in


The Runt is trying to put a virus on the thread.

Signing in.

Know fuck all about IT but somehow work in the industry

Ended up getting a lad from a different Internet forum to work for me in Aus so Runt if you want a job building a virtual desktop platform let me know

Singing in.

PERL is my lady.

Delegating is now my main business. after years of being pestered by idiots when on call. :slight_smile:


I’m a failed developer who ran to QA for cover.



Any solution to QTP V11 crashing IE8 when testing a Silverlight 4.0 Application?