It seems I have just won the Oxford Online Lottery

Oxford Online Lottery

Oxford International Lottery
32 Hurst Street
Birmingham, B5 4TB
United Kingdom
Ref: OXS/812/08/KC
Batch: 322056Q/KC

We are delighted to inform you of your prize release on the 24th October 2008 from the Oxford International Lottery programme.

You hereby have been approved a lump sum of 1,000,000,00.GBP in cash credit to file ref ILP/HW 475/07, all participant were selected through a computer balloting system drawn from Nine hundred thousand E-mail addresses all over the World as part of our international promotions program which is conducted quarterly.

Kindly note that you will only be chosen to receive the award once, which means that subsequent yearly award will not get to you again. Take t ime and thought in spending the funds wisely on a project that will stand t he test of time.

You are advised to contact your fiduciary agent with the following details to avoid unnecessary delays and complications.
Your Name ,
Telephone Number,
Batch Number,
Reference: Number as indicated in this winning Notification.

Simply contact our fiduciary agent, Dr. Martin Jean, at
Tel:+44704 5716 507


Thank you for being part of our commemorative 50th Anniversary Draws.

Mrs. Carol Gabriel.
Oxford Sweepstakes Co-ordinator.

Set up an email address there and mail them back and seem interested.

What a way to begin the B’hol weekend. But seriously, who would ever fall for this crap?
If no one ever fell for it then no one would bother sending them, so it must mean that people fall for this type of scam.

Fucking sweet. I never even knew they had an international promotions program. You hear so much shite about spam these days that you’d nearly be afraid to check your inbox but then a gem like that arrives and you see what the rewards can be.

A new server for TFK should be high up in your shopping list.

There’s website that some fella set up where he replies to all these Spam mails and makes them think that he is really interested in collecting the prize and keeps sending them fake bank details etc. It’s funny enough. I’ll have a look for it. is the one you’re thinking of I’d say.

Nice one. Congratulations.

Thanks Rocko.

As a gesture of my appreciation for this gesture I am willing to give you a large cash sum. Please foward me your bank account details and a copy of your passport so I can process the transfer post haste.

About 20 minutes ago I got a call to my phone which I didn’t bother answering, however I checked the number a few minutes later and it read +2348037828767, which intriguingly after googling the first six numbers turned out to be a Nigerian number. They even left a mesage on my phone which lasted all of 1 minute and 46 seconds, although all I could hear was a broken line and occasional banging. I have a feeling I may have won a prize of some sort and the banging I heard was the frustration of the caller not being able to reach me. I feel stupid now for not answering and I just hope they won’t forget about me and ring somebody else and give them the prize instead.

If it’s the same bloke who hacked into my gmail account ask if he has anything for me as well.


Poor form putting my number up here Sid. I was only ringing about going for scoops later mate…

I get one of these every month or so on my work phone. I answered once and yer man just shouted and roared down the phone at me.