It was 20 years ago today

Not just the day Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play but also

It’s up for grabs now…

Will there ever be a better finish to a league season?

No, there will never be. How Mickey wasn’t take out by someone before that I’ll never know.

I remember it well. Had a massive cut on my elbow after playing ball earlier in the evening on the empty silage pit slab.

Things seemed easier then.

Ah, now you’re talking. Better than any ball alley.

It was rectangular as well. Used to get gates in as goals. Stand them up against tyres that would be hanging around waiting to be fulfill their destiny of being placed on the silage pit.

There was a massive slope on it though which was the only negative.

Great memories alright. Once the pit was filled then you had the meadow to kick around in. Stalky aul grass, but still good crack.


The novelty of being able to dive, after nine long months playing on concrete, was the best part of that.

Long summer evenings kicking ball around the ‘back meadow’. Ah yes!

John Barnes should have been shot for not heading to the corner flag in injury time.

Proper stuff there Farmer.

May I have a translation please?

Growing up on a farm, cant bate it with a big stick.

Townie cunt.

[quote=“myboyblue”]Growing up on a farm, cant bate it with a big stick.

Townie cunt.[/quote]

Bate? Masturbate… Big stick? Dick.

You filthy swine :rolleyes:

[quote=“Flano”]Bate? Masturbate… Big stick? Dick.

You filthy swine :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

To be fair to you flano, you deserve this, thats impressive work

Mucksavage alert. I read these bogwarrior posts and I have Irish music playing in my head accompanied by the mental picture similar to this

Hey if thats what it takes to get you off Tipp man…

More rapier wit from Billy

hup ya boyo

[quote=“Billy Wright”]

hup ya boyo[/QUOTE]

A big fan of there I’d say Tipp man…


A big fan of there I’d say Tipp man…[/QUOTE]

He jacks off to it every night while eating his hang sandwiches.

Embarrassing for a Tipp man to be going on like this so much, but shur I’d say its embarrassing to be a Tipp man anyway.

Being a loyalist terrorist would be slightly less embarrasing than being from Tipp alright.