Italia Fanzone Euro 2021

:it: :it: :it:

We are going to do it.

In Barella I trust.


Signing the fuck in.

In Roberto we love and trust.

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In. In. In.

In. It’s been too long


Catenaccio’s coming home.

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Spain have heard us coming, and have shit their stupid bullfighter pants.

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Immobile, Chiesa and Locatelli leading the way for my fantasy team. Forza Azzuri

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Berardi tipped to get the nod over Chiesa tomorrow. It’s an interesting one. I would have expected Chiesa to be one of the protagonists for Italy. Had a very good season with Juve too.

I do like Berardi though but he’s not at Chiesa’s level.

I’ve taken both Chiesa and Locatelli out of my fantasy team now. Immobile captain.

I’m in. Because Mancini is a great man

Got them in the sweepstakes.

Forza Italia.

We’re a forward short but we’ll go far.

Signing in.

We’re going to do it

We are all Italian.

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Fabulous national anthem


Our time is now

As Bonucci said a couple of days ago. The group is our star man. You just can’t buy group spirit and it’s generally very strong with Italy.

A direct contrast to the likes of England where egos always seem to go out of control.


Imagine an English man saying that.