Italian backers sign in

What’s your point? Tipp do it regularly, as do the Dublin footballers.

What’s your fascination with Limerick Joe? It’s not typical of a healthy minded sixmilebridge native?

My sons Polish granny has lived in Naples for decades now. She knows the players on the Napoli team but was unaware that Italy had a rugby team. I was delighted.

The attendance at Italian rugby internationals in Italy are predominantly comprised of ex pats living in Italy.

Ye did

Pity ye have to go to Dublin for the big one



I’m having Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner today. It beats soup every time.


What if the soup is minestrone?

Good one, Mac. That sent the cunt packing.


@ChocolateMice is having a bad internet week

[QUOTE=“Lazarus, post: 1087544, member: 286”]In[/QUOTE]
At home

Happens regularly with Tipp my hole. It happened once in 1991 and that’s it as far as I know

Ye have had more than one final at home, mate. Not being able to finish the job is a separate issue… in 06 you had two games at home including the final. As ye did in 09… i’m sure @Manuel Zelaya could dig up a few more… I’m not having a dig, so relax.

Not signing in. Come on ireland. Fuck yiz all!

(to the tune of Where’s your Daddy gone)

Where’s your telly gone, where’s your telly gone?

Where’s your telly gone, where’s your telly gone?

Yes but not all our games at home which joe player was talking about