It's grim up North

Bigoted old Unionism is.

Sadly not the same on the nationalist side where PSF hold sway.

No surprise they have sucked up no votes from those moving away from toxic unionism bloc.

Head buried deep in the sand like the deluded bigot he is.

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Is there another kind of unionism? They’re a very small majority if so


There is. Same way there is beyond the toxic Republicanism.

Good to see Tim come out from under his rock after the kicking unionism took last week all the same. The rise of the nationalist vote in places like Glengormley, Ballymema, Lisburn etc must be very concerning for him.

Sadly I don’t think he’d be able to point them out on a map but sure it won’t stop him commenting.

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• In the 2022 Stormont election, the Alliance terminal transfers were 10.0% to unionists, 58.3% to nationalists/republicans, 8.7% to others, and 22.4% were non transferable.

Be very interesting to know what this looked like for last weeks election. Hard to disagree with the DUP policy adviser who refers to Alliance as a republican party with them figures but I expect it will be a more even split this time.

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1998: 38.7%
2023: 40.6%

25 years and a demographic swing later, an appalling indictment of the Unification movement up north. Haemorrhaging their own voter base, let alone convincing those from the other side.

This is what happens when you spend your political energy trying to convince the other side that murdering their parents and grandparents was fine. Or that protecting a paedophile father and brother of a so called political movement was cool.

So as the census shows, the middle ground are going to a party that won’t change the status quo.

Dullard nationalists who excuse the rise of the bomb makers seem to think coming second place to the creationists of Unionism is progress.

It’s the trajectory in formerly staunch areas of Lisburn, Newtownabbey etc that has shaken unionism. What we are seeing this week from unionism is a petrified state of a border poll being confident. A community suffocated by insecurity.

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The facts contradict Tim Riggins sectarian propaganda.

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Good book, documents well the defeat of the East Tyrone Provos.

Did you read it, and if so why?

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But it was the dissos…

The murky dealings of the PSNI/RUC and British intelligence never seems to end. The reporting from the likes of the BBC and Belfast Telegraph has been disgraceful, they have tried to pin this on the dissidents from the start when all the information seems to point to it being a cross community drug gang based around Omagh headed up by a former British Army soldier.


Seven men have appeared in court charged with the attempted murder of a senior police officer in Co Tyrone in February.

Detective Chief Inspector John Caldwell was shot several times by two gunmen in the carpark of a sports complex in Omagh as he put footballs into the boot of his car after a training session involving his son.

The dissident republican group the New IRA has said it was responsible.

The men, aged from 28 to 72, appeared at Dungannon Magistrate’s Court by via link.

They include a father and two sons.

Two of the men, 38-year-old Brian Caron from Claremont Drive in Coalisland, and 45-year-old Gavin Coyle from Killybrack Mews in Omagh, were charged with attempted murder and membership of the IRA.

James Ivor McLean, 72, and his 29-year-old son Robert McLean, both from Deverney Park in Omagh, were charged with attempted murder.

Another son, 33-year-old Matthew McLean from Glenview Park in Omagh, and two others, 28-year-old Jonathan McGinty from St Julian’s Downs in Omagh, and 47-year-old Alan McFarland from Deverney Park in the town were charged with attempted murder and other offences.

A PSNI Detective Chief Inspector told the court he could connect all of the accused to the charges.

The officer outlined links between a number of vehicles used before during and after the gun attack…

He told the court that evidence includes forensics, CCTV footage and witness statements.

All of the accused were remanded in custody to appear in court in Omagh by video link on 27 June.

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Where did they say it?

By all accounts it looks like a cross community drug gang with close links to loyalist paramilitaries organised the hit.

Possible that some dissident members might have been recruited to carry it out but the whole origination of the shooting seems to be with a drug gang in Omagh.

The reporting of it has been ridiculous.

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A typed statement has appeared on a wall in Derry signed by ‘T O’Neill’, the name used by the dissident republican group in the past.

It says: “The Irish Republican Army claim responsibility for the military operation targeting senior Crown Force member John Caldwell.

“An active service unit of the IRA were in position to target the enemy within our chosen kill zone with other armed volunteers giving cover.

“All volunteers returned safely to base.

“Irish Republican Army intelligence are now in possession of security information regarding the out of bounds movement of Crown Force personnel.

“We would say this, you still have to try and live a normal life day-to-day, one of these days the IRA will be waiting. T O’Neill.”

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It was just said on the RTÉ News at One on Radio One.

Ah right that must be the case so.

It’s well known this is was a hit due to police work on a criminal gang in Tyrone. The media as PSNI trying to say it was a terror attack is wildly misleading and incredibly dangerous.