Its time to call out Cagers

Wonder how slaphead @artfoley can justify his trips to Waterford etc now?

If we had a green party with a green agenda we’d probably be doing better. Our greens are more interested in voting with the establishment just to stay in power.

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they have to vote with the establishment to push through the Green agenda, in reality though, individuals will have to make changes themselves

Hardly a paradise worth having if you’ve to sell your soul to achieve it.

yes, mate, stopping the extermination of the planet isnt worth having

The planet isn’t going anywhere you dozy fucker.

I think I’ll trust the scientists over a cork historian on this one bro

What scientists are suggesting the planet is in danger? The planet will be just fine and has a few billion years of life left before our sun dies out… Do you possibly mean life as we know it is in trouble? … Is that not part of a natural cycle? All manner of creatures have come and gone, just like we will… That’s no excuse to side with FFG.

Im sure your daughter wont appreciate your callous attitude

My daughter, like every other sentient being on the planet, has no divine right to exist. Human arrogance to suggest the universe is here to serve us… We’re not even a footnote in the history of the universe. Some day the whole universe will die and no life in any shape or form will exist. The greens should remember this ahead of the next vote.

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your selfishness will ruin your daughters future

Your arrogance has already ruined it for her.

Correct mate. The only way to prevent ecological destruction is to limit human reproduction.