It's time to discuss the lunatics who post here

There are 3 absolute mental cases posting on this site @ChocolateMice @hbv @Tassotti

These three nutters have had things their own way and have free reign here spouting and spluttering their loonybin thoughts and fantasies for too long and getting away with it. Their ramblings cannot be any good for young impressionable minds who may come on here and read this forum. I suggest to the forum to ignore these lunatics and carry on as normal.

Ignore this thread at your peril.

3 (three) top, top posters there.


You poor niave impressionable innocent. I recommend you remove yourself from under their insipid spell.

No plans for the weekend so yourself @Frances?

I’m off out in a while but not for a while yet.

@carryharry the poor misfortune. This saddo just can’t help himself speaking out of turn and making a cunt out of himself. Watch out for this cunt, a very very devious individual.

Trash day on TFK it seems :popcorn:

That’s right blue it’s time to take out the trash.

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You have them all quaking pal. You’re a like a breath of fresh air around here.

I feel it’s my obligation to highlight lunatics on this forum.

It’s high time someone did it. It has me driven round the twist.

Well I’m glad to be of service to you pal. I’m sure the silent majority have rowed in behind me already.

I’ve had an untold amount of lads PM with support for you. Play on my good man.

Play on.

Much appreciated feedback there.

PM’s are flying alright :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s the drugs there. Playing tricks on your mind. Poor lad, it’s sad to see young folk adrift like yourself. We see it every day but it’s so difficult to help. I hope you get the proper support in time.

They’re the same person you thick cunt. There’s only 7 people posting on this forum and you and me are 2 of those.

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You are no one


By God