It's warm up North


Nolan going to town on Foster, BBC


It’s a measure of the fuckers standing that he didn’t make either of the celebrity death threads. The rotten bastard.


This is fucked … the killings carried out by the armed forces and police during the Troubles were not crimes

When oh when will they ever learn over there…


'Secretary of State Karen Bradley has told the House of Commons that killings by police and soldiers were not crimes, but involved people fulfilling their duty in a 'dignified and ‘appropriate way’


Sammy Wilson nodding his head. Suppose you would expect nothing less of him.


It was just a set up to appease the DUP. That little rat Pengelly put her up to it.


Youd say you couldn’t make it up, but she just did.


Wouldn’t she have had this question in advance?


No idea. She made up the answer anyway. I had no idea just how fully detached from reality these people are. Its nuts.


She’s some wind bag.
Todays talkback is worth a listen. Kb is discussed after the brolly interview
Talkback - 06/03/2019 - @bbcradioulster


Shes far beyond a windbag. Shes on acid or something.


Dangerous bitch


Very disappointing, particular after Cameron’s prior apology. The party is going backwards at a rapid rate with incompetents and morons in too many positions of power.


I’m guessing Karen is no relation to the Bradleys of Glenullin.


Considering all that’s going on with Brexit you’d imagine this would be a time when the government should show that they are a government for all in the north, not just the few.


Bradley is a bit thick though really.

You have people like Gove who whilst they are snakey liars, are slick enough operators.

Grayling, Davis, Bradley and the likes are worse than Diane Abbot.


The Joe Brolly bit was a good listen


Insert Benny Hill theme music here


Clear majority of Catholics think Sinn Fein should take their Westminster seats according to a poll in today’s Irish Times. Clear majority of Protestants think they shouldn’t.


Lawhger lawhger lawhger Chehwsea Chehwsea Chehwsea

No blacks no dogs no fackin’ Irish