It's warm up North


Riots going on daily in Poland as well according to himself… He thinks Ulstermen are the glue holding it all together, from WWII onwards…


That was well known. Remember the Kincora Boys School scandal, they had a loyalist paedo active in the school and let him carry on with it so long as he helped them out. There was a lady named Shaw who worked there (Victoria Shaw I think but don’t 100% remember off hand) who said that she even went to Rev. Ian Paisley about this active paedo and he told her there was nothing he could do. I think that paedo’so name was Frasier or Campbell but again don’t 100% remember off hand. You can Google it. Of course the British were seeking out paedophiles to get them onside, everyone knows that.


I think this is the guy you mean - William McGrath who came along with his own paramilitary “army”


Senior orange man, close friend of Paisley (who officiated at marriage of his kids) etc.
Sick carry on- one of the kids was killed and found in a suitcase in the lagan.
Rumours about royal visits etc.
I often wonder what role kincora played in the good Friday agreement. The brits ran it for a reason.


stake-knife could share a cell with Liam Adams and share war stories


They freed Poland from Germany and handed it to Russia. Some boys.


It was Valerie Shaw not Victoria. There’s loads about this online, including a video of her saying she told the RUC early on.


Jarry Adams. top British agent was saved by the SAS when Grugg Gregg and the UDA amateurs tried to plug him


Poor oul Grugg. The Brits tampered with the ammo so that Gerry & his pals would survive. Oddly the Brits who then intercepted the gunmen didn’t actually kill them - most likely because at least on of them was an agent. But Grugg was fckd when he crossed the Brit agent Adair. Bye Bye John.

The Brits infiltrated all the paramilitary groups at all levels. You’d have to wonder who was running “the war”.


was it jarry or martin who sold out the loughal boys? I was up in the war museum there a couple of weeks back, they still have Declan Arthur’s shite stained underpants on display up there


I’d guess you took a picture of them to have a wank over every night.


Has no one been reading Village over the last 12 months? Plenty of scarifying stuff on Kincora and on far more besides.


There is also this stuff to sift:

That prosecutions took place from the mid 1970s onwards is historical fact.


Grim reading. You have to wonder what sort of unholy alliance the tories and the unionists enjoy. The judges here hand out ‘super injunctions’ to anyone with the cash and dup membership.


Wasn’t Jim Molyneaux mixed up in this too?


Forelock tugger types hate admitting that their betters were rampant nonces from policemen all the way up to the Royal Family


News to me


Apparently so, mccrea was another. Jeffrey has a super injunction apparently


Willie McCrea?


Yip. Word is he has a super injunction also Newton Emerson more or less outed him in the Irish News a year or so ago. He raised the subject of injunctions, and then suggested that readers pressurise mccrea into improving shipping safety - by renting more buoys etc.