It's warm up North


What did Jeffrey get a super injunction for?


It started out with an investigation into his hotel expenses, then his shared accommodation with with mccrea and rent boys. The BBC were ready to air the story, had been given the go-ahead by their legal team etc. Then the injunction was granted.


Be the hokey.


I hope Sammy Wilson is in the clear. He’s my favorite Unionist politician.


Specially for you (I’d better delete by browsing history now)


Sammy in touch with the grass roots.


Somebody on the Nolan show said there’s more chance of brexit than there is of seeing sammys arse in a Sunday newspaper




I remember McGuinness first speech when SF entered stormont. Said,to even unionist guffaws,it’s great to finally see Sammy Wilson with some clothes on!


Fucking hell, when was this? I’d assume its common knowledge among brethrens in the north.


That’s “the Brethern”


He’s gone very quiet. The dup put him forward for a knighthood or similar a few years ago. The brits rejected him - unfairly, given the roster of sickos and paedophiles they let in.


McCrea, chaplain to the LVF, is in the Lords - Baron McCrea of Magherafelt and Cookstown


That’s right, he was knocked back a few years ago though


He was always a horrible cunt. Hell would be having to listen to him singing forever!


Seems to start with Knox Cunningham.


Do you know who the ‘wife beater’ lad is? Mccrea /Robinson… despised by Paisley?


There is something twisted at the heart of Loyalism/Unionism, an anger and a fear of betrayal that cathects in perverse (and sometimes depraved) ways.


Very much so.


Not specifically. Will have a gander. A lot of stuff emerges through cross reference.