iTunes and DRM, what the heck?

Do you know how to remove iTunes and other DRM protections from audio or video files?
I’ve found easy way to get rid of the protection.

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If you know any alternative software, share it with us.

Fuck off you spamming cunt. :angry:

The cunt above, Kris Turel, might have what Im looking for.
But is there anyway of putting music from Itunes onto another MP3 player, in this case a Sony one? I presume I have to convert the music from mp4 to mp3 or something? The music I want wasn’t bought on itunes so it shouldnt be locked or anything.

Great Admin’ing from the team here.

You should be able to import the music into another media player on your PC (e.g. Winamp or Windows Media Player) and then transer it from there on to the new place. If you have your iTunes files as .aac then it will take a while to convert everything to .mp3 but Windows Media Player will do that. I’d advise against converting to .wma which just causes the problem the other way around if you ever wanted to convert back.


Thank you. :clap: