James Corden

Is there a more annoying cunt on this earth right now ?


Fucking terrific thread. This cunt disrespected Picard. He should be fucking stoned.

He’s a fucking tool of the highest order, hanging around with the players and all this bull shit. He looks terribly nervous presenting. I left a house recently 'cos the West Brits fucks in the house wouldn’t change the channel.

He is NOT funny.

He is a fat,irritating,sycophantic turd.

Giggling his arse of at John Terry last week on some staged night fishing expedition.

He is a wankhole cunt.

I quite enjoyed the cunt on Gavin and Stacey but he really is a spastic of the highest order.
He was interviewing Jimmy Greaves or some such 66 World Cup Type the other day.
Your man was telling stories about the old days which were mildly entertaining but fat fuck himself kept interupting him with inane questions.

That Corden and Whatever sketch show is some pile of cock aswell.

The cunt is fucking everywhere at the moment.

Never heard of him…

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We could have done without this thread. That man is a complete fucktard.

He had Shakira on last night yet was more interested in talking bout Football with the lads. A complete and utter fake mockney tosser. At one stage there was a mild flirtation with the Columbian princess at which pint he said I better stop before my girlfriend gets on to me… As if Shakira would even consider she shares the same air as this fat cunt let alone anything else? :angry:

If he died a painless death I would see it as only partially being good news. I’d make him die like yer man in Seven. Eat Spaghetti til his blubber gut bursts.

I don’t know much about this chap but I’m led to believe he’s a poor man’s Tim Lovejoy. Is this accurate?

To paraphrase Jamie Redknapp “he is a top, top bloke”

Agreed, an annoying cunt

uber cunt.

Nah, more of a rich mans bandage

Who is this cunt?

Art Foley, he used to post here on his breaks in the past.


He’s a fat unfunny cunthooks. Gavin and Stacey was a poor sitcom, the only good thing about it was the welsh folk, particularly Rob Brydon.
That sketch show he did with that other moon-faced git was rancid. Corden’s only good work was when he was the fat laughing stock pupil on Teachers. That role made use of his only talent, being a fat cunt that you would point at and say, “my god, look at that fat cunt”

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I’d say you were fucked out for being a boring cunt myself